Mavic Pro Gimbal Overload Error

Figured I’d share cause I’ve been pulling my hair out. I’m not sure when or how it happened but one day I took the quad out to test out some cinematic flying techniques and I was greeted by the most annoying error that read “Gimbal Overload Error”. That was the end of my “wanting to fly”.

I didn’t have much signal where I was, so I wasn’t really able to google anything. I did do a little digging once I got home and some people said just to send it into DJI to get fixed while others said to start the quad 90 degrees and try, which didn’t work. I wasn’t going to send it in, cause obviously around here, we fix and mod things ourselves.

So back in the bag it went for a couple months. Bummer.

I decided to take it out today and inspect it a little more. Cause, you know, it’s beautiful outside today, and I want to fly.



I have a shop here local in Chicago, IL that I get all of my parts from,, so shout out to Stan for helping me out in a pinch!





What the F ?!

Laser cutting gone wrong.

Let’s just jump right into it

I’ve been laser cutting my custom designed control boxes for the Gecko G540 and a 48v 7.3A power supply for 6 months or so without a problem. I ran out of 1/4in birch plywood and grabbed some from my local lumber supply only to find that the new sheets of plywood don’t laser cut. At all. Nada.

I’ve got a 50w Chinese laser cutter that I have never had a problem with. This thing cuts through everything I throw at it. Until now.

I’ve been fighting with this 6mm birch plywood with my 50W laser cutter for two months. Lots of inconsistent cuts. I was never having this problem before and had just assumed that my local lumber supply switched manufacturers. I ordered from 3 different sources and same thing. I’ve aligned the machine, flipped the lens, etc. Still nothing.

I ordered from 3 different sources and same thing. I’ve aligned the machine, flipped the lens, cleaned everything, etc. Still nothing.

Was running at 6mm/s at 65% power since I started cutting these out.

Fighting with it again tonight because I made a sale, and HAD to get one order out. I had listed my products as sold out until further notice because I refuse to sell anything less than perfect. Call me a perfectionist.

Anyway, I ended up having this same problem. Not as bad, but still, this wasn’t going to end well. So I just decided to procrastinate even more.
I’m messing around with speeds and power and thought what would happen if I went super low on the power – 4mm/s at 17% power.

It cut straight through, like a perfect cut. WTF?!
This is supposed to be impossible?
I’ve wasted SO much plywood this past month!

If you’re having this same problem, try cutting down on the power %. It might just work. Check out the short video below.


You can buy this control box made especially for the Gecko G540 Controller, here.

2017-03-21 21.49.46
Perfect laser cuts at 4mm/s and 17% power on a 50W Chinese laser cutter | Mind blown