Designing the OneWheel Stand

There’s this thing called a OneWheel. It’s not to be mistaken with a hover board. These don’t shutoff on you or cause a fire while charging. They’re also entirely designed and built here in the US. Riding one of these will be the most fun you’ll ever have!

There was only one problem. It takes up a lot of room. So I set out to design my own stand for it. Sure, Future Motion sells a stand of their own, and it’s quite awesome looking. But If I can build something, I’d rather build it than buy it.

So I’ve gone through a few different iterations of my take on the OneWheel stand. The First version is probably the most appealing in looks, but when I started to cut the pieces, it came apparent that the angles I designed and my crappy math education, it was impossible.

OneWheel Stand out of wood

The second version was to layer and glue plywood sheets together. Did the math and that came out to a lot of expensive plywood. Kinda cool looking but not really. But it would have worked.

One Wheel Stand out of plywood

So the design sat for a few months. Ideas came and went. Hundreds of miles racked up on this OneWheel. Last week I came across furniture designed with black pipe from the hardware store. Instantly fell in love with the industrial and simplistic look.

OneWheel Pipe Stand
onewheel xr pipe stand
OneWheel Pipe Stand
Onewheel stand out of pipe
Onewheel stand out of pipe


Chicago Flag Wall Art

Every day in Chicago is Flag Day.
Nobody does it better than us.
Here it is handcrafted in reclaimed wood.

Did you know?
White, is the union of all the colors, to symbolize the union of all the races in the city of Chicago. 
The top white band represents the North Side.
The middle white band represents the West Side
The bottom white band represents the South Side

Blue is the color of the lake and river, of distant mountains, and of the oceans.
The top blue band represents the North branch of the Chicago River. 
The bottom blue band represents the South Branch of the Chicago River.

The six pointed stars are different from the five pointed stars representing states.
Star #1 stands for Fort Dearborn, the original settlement.
Star #2 is for the Great Chicago Fire (1871), after which the city was rebuilt.
Star #3 is for the World’s Columbian Exposition (1893) where we welcomed the world.
Star #4 is for Century of Progress International Exposition (1933) 

Better than a tattoo. Put it on your wall, Chicagoan or not, it is always Flag Day.

No waiting! Fast turnaround time- 1-3 days!

This Chicago Flag wall art is available in two sizes, 15″ x 9″ and 30″ x 20″.
Comes equipped with a sawtooth hanger on the back.

The Penrose Triangle

The Penrose Triangle is often called the “impossible” triangle.
The properties of this two dimensional art piece can be created in the second dimension, of reclaimed wood, but cannot be created in the third dimension.

The artist, M.C. Escher, took inspiration from an earlier artist, Oscar Reutersvärd, and created many incompatible perspectives such as this one.
So, the image becomes a sacred object as it folds into itself. 

Use it as a source of introspection and meditation. Display it as a riddle that cannot be solved as a reminder of life’s many conundrums. Gift it as a challenge to the receiver to accept the impossible. 
Honor the sacred, buy this handcrafted piece.

Size: 21″ x 18″

Comes with 3 sawtooth hangers on the back for all three orientations.


Heroes Of The Storm

I play a lot of Heroes Of The Storm on the computer and decided to make a plaque for myself. There was no DXF that I could find for the logo so I took it into Illustrator and traced it out. Talk about a beautifully designed logo. Super easy to recreate with it’s flowing lines and such.

I cut the plaque out of a 1/1 solid piece of walnut then put it into my laser cutter and engraved the letters. Furthermore, I 3D milled the 3 blades on the CNC. The plan was originally to laser engrave the detail into the blades and fill with a metallic blue epoxy. Never got that far and probably never will because I’m already onto the next idea.

Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle

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Chicago Flag Bamboo Coasters

Set of 4, Chicago Skyline Flag – Bamboo Coasters With Holder – Set of 4

🔥 Engraving: 4 bamboo coasters with our signature Chicago skyline flag engraved into them.

Bamboo does not engrave a dark brown or black, instead it engraves as a slightly darker color but it also reveals the grain below the surface which gives the engraving a sharp contrast. Each bamboo coaster will show a different grain pattern.

Coaster size: 3-3/4″
Coaster thickness: 1/4″

A gift idea for;
Corporate event

Send us a message with your design or idea and we’ll be able to make it for you.

Single quantity available
Mass quantity available


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Chicago Skyline Flag Bamboo Coasters (watermark)

5 Bottle Essential Oil Display, 15mL Bottles

These essential oil holders are made out of a wood called Jatoba. It’s got an interlocking grain which gives the wood a very hard and durable feel.  Meaning, it’s got some weight to it.

Holds (5) 15mL essential oil bottles.
Hole size is 30mm (just a bit wider than 1-1/8in)

Overall dimensions:
7-1/2″ x 2″ x 1″

We understand that there are many different of vendors that use a range of different sized bottles. If you have an odd-sized bottle or you are not sure if your bottle will fit our product. Feel free to send us a message. We will do everything we can to design an essential oils rack to accommodate your bottle.

Essential oil bottle shown in the photos, not included.


I have included a downloadable PDF template for you: 5 Bottle Essential Oil Display, 15mL Bottle Template

It’s a 1:1 scale made for your normal printer paper 8 1/2 x 11. Go ahead, download, print it and compare with your own essential oil bottles.

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Essential Oils Holder-2Essential Oils HolderEssential Oils Holder-4Essential Oils Holder-3

New Business Cards!

Got new business cards for my photography business and had to design a holder to hold a few on my desk. Holds about 50 cards and is held together by slots and tabs. No glue necessary.

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2018-06-11_17h37_57Business Card Holder (1 of 13)Business Card Holder (4 of 13)Business Card Holder (6 of 13)Business Card Holder (9 of 13)