Just received a Shapeoko XXL!

The Shapeoko XXL by Carbide 3D came today. It’s so big that I need to build it’s own table for it. But that’s a good thing because it will test my furniture building skills now that I have a sliding miter saw and can cut accurate pieces.

I wasn’t able to find a full 3D model of the Shapeoko XXL or any of the Shapeoko models that is, so I was urgent to open my box and start reverse modeling it into Fusion360.

Since I’m building the Shapeoko a dedicated table, I feel like it’s necessary to have an accurate model to build around. That way down the road if I want to build an attachment or build a full enclosure, I’ve got accurate measurements.

It’s only partially done, however I think the table is pretty well designed. It uses 4×4’s for the legs and the rest are 2×4’s and measures 48″ x 48″. I haven’t decided what I want to build the top sheet and lower shelf out of. Had the idea of 2×4’s properly planed and jointed which would be really solid. But might just end up going with plywood. Plywood with an MDF core could work too.

You might see the feet, there will be proper 2″ swivel casters. I don’t have an accurate 3D model yet. But that way If I need to clean or rearrange, it won’t be a problem.

I like this design so much that, imagine, having a a shop space where all of the benches are designed this way with swivel casters. Super easy to move and clean or rearrange.

I do still need to design a slide out shelf/drawer to hold my laptop. That is a must. Anyway, if you have any ideas for a table or anything I should include in my build materials, let me know!

A New 4th Axis Rotary

A buddy sent me 15 RTIC tumblers to laser engrave for one of his customers. The red modeled object is a 3D printed 3 jaw chuck that I had luckily 3D printed 8 years ago.

My previous rotary mechanism wasn’t up to par with my drive to perfection so this was the perfect opportunity, I jumped into #Fusion360 and modeled up a new 4th axis rotary for the #lasercutter. The weight of the Nema23 motor keeps everything from tipping over.

The bolt, the nut, and stepper are the only components not made by myself. Pulleys and belt are 3D printing now. Stoked to be offering laser engraved tumblers in the future.2018-07-13_18h26_32

2200W CNC Milling Spindle Kit and Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram to the new 2200w CNC Milling Spindle.

As of September 2017, there is no English manual for the driver. The settings that we do have are;

1.Shift/Run ————-  Bottom left Key
2.Set/Stop —————–Top Middle Key
3.Increase ————— Top Right Key
4.Decrease ————– Botton Right Key
5:  Configure  ————- Top Left


Panel Control Parameter Settings

FN000 = D0012

FN001 = 1

FN010 = 36

Analog Control Parameter Settings

FN000 = D0012

FN001 = 1

FN010 = 36

FN220 = 520 (0-10v) / 1040 (0-5v)

*Must restart after setting*


Download the full PDF:

2200w CNC Milling Spindle Kit Documentation



Wiring diagram – CNC Milling Spindle for The Grizzly G0704 (Mach3 Spindle Control)

The CNC milling spindle and driver I am talking about can be found here.

The breakout board pictured can be found here.

Wiring it up this way allows you to control the CNC milling spindle through Mach3.

Download the PDF with all the images here.


The C10 Breakout Board Gets An Update!

And it kinda freaked me out.

If you’re used to the C10 breakout board used for CNC router machines, plasma cutters or laser cutters, you’re used to it being a single sided board with all components on the top.

Well, they did a change that freaked me out and it made me think they sent the board unfinished. That’s until I turned it over. They now have SMD components on the underside of the board while only the jumpers and terminals remain on the top. They’ve also changed the gender of the parallel connection as it is now a male connection. That’s great news because you no longer will need a gender changer if you are using the Ethernet Smooth Stepper, ESS.

I have requested some more information but have not heard back. Does this speed up the communication to the stepper drivers?  Will there be a price difference?  What’s the difference between rev. 10 & rev. 11?

You can still buy Revision 10, here.


2017-03-23 18.37.47